Maintaining and Feeding A Sourdough Starter

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Let's embark on the delightful journey of tending to your sourdough starter—it's as easy as creating a masterpiece! Forget the fuss, and let me share my tried-and-true method that has brought me joy for years.

Feeding your sourdough starter is a breeze. Picture it: a harmonious dance of equal parts flour and water, creating a symphony of flavor. If you have around 1 cup of starter, feed it with 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of flour. Let it rest for 4-12 hours until it doubles in volume, ready to elevate any recipe.

Maintaining this living entity is a joyous task. Like any cherished being, it hungers for nourishment and hydration. The magic lies in where you keep it. If it graces your countertop, shower it with love in equal parts water and flour every 12-24 hours. Warm homes or frequent baking might call for extra attention every 12 hours, while cooler abodes can stretch the feeding to every 24 hours. Opting for a cozy spot in the fridge? Feed it once a week, or let it nap for up to two months without fuss. Reviving a slumbering starter is like waking up a friend from a sweet dream. Feed flour and water, let it bask at room temperature for 12 hours, and repeat. Sometimes, it needs extra love with 2-3 feedings before it's ready to dance into recipes. Yet, some no-wait recipes might let you tap into its magic sooner.

Now, the burning question: How often should you feed your sourdough starter? Well, that's your call! If it's a daily affair, keep it on the counter, showering it with love every 12-24 hours. But if, like me, you use it a few times a week, let it chill in the fridge, ready for action when you need it. The counter brings bubbly vitality, while the fridge allows it to pause gracefully, requiring only a weekly feeding. Think of it as your sourdough buddy hibernating in the winter. Daily feeding is a must on the counter, but in the fridge, a weekly feast is all it craves. Feel free to switch between the two worlds if you're a sporadic user. Daily delight or occasional magic – your sourdough, your rules.

How much flour and water? Fear not! Sourdough starters are resilient beings. Add enough to achieve a thick pancake batter consistency. It's carefree and joyful, resulting in a healthy sourdough starter. Let the adventure begin, and may your kitchen be filled with the aroma of success!

- Heidi 
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Be happy to help with your sourdough journey and remember this is fun, don't stress about it!! You got this! :)

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